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Why Soap Baskets Are a Must-Have

Why Soap Baskets Are a Must-Have


Featured Image: Sink: GKUD3118 Faucet: KB5701YL Alongside every kitchen and bathroom sink is a staple of cleanliness and hygiene — soap. For those who enjoy the traditional bar of soap, having a specific place to store this item is a must. One such item is the soap basket.

Kingston Brass carries an array of soap baskets, with a soap basket to match any room’s decor. For homeowners considering the purchase of one of these handy accessories, there are many benefits to be had. Check out the following reasons why soap baskets are a must-have!

Keeps Countertops Clean

Nothing is worse than putting down a bar of soap on the side of a kitchen or bathroom sink, only to come back later to a soapy mess. Bars of soap will leave behind residue when resting on a flat