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Difference Between Diverter and Shower Valve

Difference Between Diverter and Shower Valve

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What’s the Difference?

While diverter valves and shower valves look similar to one another, they provide very different functions and are not interchangeable. The main difference between a diverter valve and a shower valve is that one turns the water on/off while the other directs the flow of water between fixtures. Let’s dive into the specific functions of each one.

What’s a Diverter Valve?

A diverter is a necessary tool for showers with more than one outlet point. In a shower, there may be more than one water fixture such as the shower head, hand shower, and tub spout. A diverter is a small handle made for the shower used to direct the flow of water from the shower valve to any one of up to three possible outlets, so if you plan on only using one with only 2-fixtures, a brass plug must be used to cap the third water outlet. This will convert it to a 2-way diverter. Finally, these do not control the temperature or the pressure of the water.

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What’s a Shower Valve?

A shower valve is found behind the handle of a shower faucet. It controls the temperature of the water and turns the shower on and off. Through a temperature mixing valve, the hot and cold lines are mixed together to create the desired temperature. Kingston shower valves are also pressure balanced. A pressure balanced valve is a safety precaution that protects against scalding or freezing temperatures by preventing sudden drops or raises in the temperature. It is important to know that rough-in valves do not work as a volume control, meaning they don’t change the water flow. Once they are turned past 10% rotation, they are at maximum flow.

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In conclusion, while diverter valves and shower valves look roughly the same, they do perform their own specific functions. Shower valves are always required for any shower set-up and diverter valves are an add-on used to direct the flow of water from your shower valve to the shower head or hand shower.

Contributing Author: Tony Martin