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Kingston Brass Blog

  • How to maintain your faucet finishes
    November 30, 2023 Giuliano Djen

    How to maintain your faucet finishes

    If you’ve recently replaced your kitchen or bathroom faucets, you’re probably in awe of how beautifully shiny and unblemished they are. But it’s likely they won’t stay that way for long! Because bathroom and kitchen sinks are so often used,...

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  • 7 Different Types of Bathtubs
    November 28, 2023 Olivia Embrey

    7 Different Types of Bathtubs

    Bathtubs take up a good chunk of bathroom real estate, so it's important to know what style options are out there to choose from, and what installation configuration fits your personal style. Kingston offers a wide variety of bathtubs fit for a gorgeous bathroom, and here are 7 different types of bathtubs Kingston supplies.
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