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What is the Difference Between Matte Black & Oil Rubbed Bronze

What is the Difference Between Matte Black & Oil Rubbed Bronze

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Among the plethora of faucet finishes available on the market, two have gained tremendous popularity in recent years: Matte Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Both finishes have distinct characteristics that make them stand out and appeal to different design sensibilities.

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Matte Black: Matte Black faucets offer a sleek, contemporary, and minimalist appearance that has become a favorite in modern interior design. The absence of shine and gloss creates a refined and understated elegance that seamlessly integrates into various kitchen and bathroom styles. Matte Black has rapidly emerged as a versatile and on-trend option, capable of providing a bold contrast in lighter spaces or harmonizing beautifully with darker surroundings.

Oil Rubbed Bronze: On the other hand, Oil Rubbed Bronze faucets exude a warm, rustic charm, harking back to classic and traditional design themes. This finish features dark tones with subtle copper undertones, giving it a time-worn, vintage look. The unique patina that develops over time adds character and depth to the faucet, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere in the space.

How is Matte Black Made for a Faucet?

The process of crafting matte black faucets begins with selecting top-notch materials like brass or stainless steel as the faucet's foundation.

A crucial stage is the powder coating process, where a special black powder is delicately applied to the faucet's surface, akin to sprinkling tiny black grains. This powder adheres uniformly, resulting in an even and consistent coverage.

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The faucet then undergoes a gentle curing process inside an oven-like machine. Here, the black powder melts and fuses together, forming a sturdy and enduring layer on the faucet.

Upon completion of the curing process, the matte black faucet emerges, boasting a sleek and contemporary look. Its matte finish exudes a smooth and classy appearance, setting it apart from regular shiny faucets.

The popularity of matte black faucets stems from their versatility, effortlessly complementing various design styles, from modern to traditional. Additionally, their low-maintenance nature makes cleaning a breeze, as they conceal water spots with ease.

How is Oil Rubbed Bronze Made for the Faucet?

The oil rubbed bronze finish is distinctively warm and rustic in appearance. The journey to achieve this exquisite finish begins with the selection of a high-quality base material, often brass or a similar metal, which serves as the foundation for the faucet's transformation. The chosen material is carefully prepared by undergoing thorough cleaning and polishing to ensure a smooth and flawless surface.


The critical step in crafting the oil rubbed bronze finish is the application of a patina solution. This solution typically consists of a carefully balanced blend of chemicals, including acids and oxidizers, that react with the metal's surface. The patina solution is meticulously brushed or sprayed onto the faucet, initiating a chemical reaction known as oxidation. This reaction causes the metal to darken and age, creating a beautiful and authentic patina layer that defines the oil rubbed bronze finish.

Following the application of the patina solution, t