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Small Bathroom Renovations You Can Do in an Hour

Small Bathroom Renovations You Can Do in an Hour

Renovating your bathroom adds a lot of value to your home — typically more value than you put into it. But don’t let the word “renovation” scare you away. There are plenty of small renovations you can do in your bathroom that won’t send your budget spiraling out of control and won’t take up much of your time.

Below we present some of the best ideas for how to make your bathroom look amazing without taking up lots of time and money:

1. Upgrade Your Shower Head and Add a Sprayer


We often forget that shower heads are one of the most important parts of our entire bathroom. The look of your showerhead sets the tone for much of the bathroom, and its feel and functionality can be the difference between a shower you look forward to and one that feels like another chore.

Choose a shower head that excites you and defines a new look for your bath. There’s a lot of room for creativity here, from Victorian 5” showerheads in matte black to larger, square rainfall showerheads in gorgeous antique brass. Other finishes include chrome, copper, nickel, and bronze, which can be brushed, polished, oil-rubbed, or matte.

Replacing a showerhead isn’t a hard task — check out our short how-to article here. With the right tools, you can expect to get it done in well under an hour.

Furthermore, you can consider adding a matching hand shower to make your shower much more versatile and user-friendly. By choosing the same color, finish, and style as your shower head, you’ll create a much more powerful statement. Plus, that same hand shower makes it far easier to clean your shower — simply grab it off the wall and spray down the walls after you’re done cleaning!

If your shower isn’t already set up for a hand shower, you may need to buy a diverter to complete your setup. Simply install it on your existing shower arm to direct water between your fixed shower head and your hand shower. As with other items at Kingston Brass, our shower diverters come in a wide range of finishes to match your other fixtures.

2. Upgrade Your Bathroom Accessories


Bathroom accessories make a huge impression, even if it’s a subconscious one. When you walk into your bathroom, chances are you’ll be interacting with the towel bars or rings, a toilet paper holder, or some other critical piece of hardware before you leave.

If you want to replace one accessory, it’s recommended you try to replace as many as possible. Doing so doesn’t require a lot of work or time, and with Kingston Brass’ wide range of prices, you can find options to make your budget go further.

We recommend starting by choosing your desired finish. Polished chrome adds a bright, pristine feel, while options like oil-rubbed bronze and matte black are better for adding a modern pop against bright walls. You can also enjoy the gl