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Seven Ideas for a Luxuriant Shower



Look forward to your morning or evening shower with any of these design ideas:

Consider a walk-in shower

You may have heard of a walk-in closet, but what about a walk-in shower? This bathing atmosphere offers lots of space, as it isn’t bound by any walls or doors. Your shower essentially disappears into your interior design. A walk-in shower can maximize on space in your bathroom and is great for those with mobility issues, as there are no ledges to climb over.

Use etched glass

Glass is great for surrounding a shower because it really helps open up the whole bathroom design. However, if you’re looking for a more private bathing area, you might want to consider an etched glass shower. This offers seclusion without taking away that smooth transition from the shower to your surrounding bathroom.

Rain-style shower head

Your shower head should be replaced every six to eight months. If it’s about that time for your bath fixture, opt for a rain shower head. This fixture offers a shower experience unlike any other. It washes your body with a relaxing effect, replicating the feel of a soothing rain. Choose the perfect finish that coordinates with the rest of your bathroom – brass shower heads and brushed nickel are both great for a vintage design.

Be sure to regularly clean your shower head in order to reduce the buildup of bacteria and promote an even spray of water. Soak your shower head with vinegar to help water flow freely. Attach a plastic bag to your shower head using a rubber band. Let it soak for about an hour, then remove the bag and run the water to get rid of excess vinegar.

Install a shower hose

Turn your shower head into a hand-held fixture by installing a shower hose. This will make it much easier to access hard to reach areas on your body and will come in handy when it comes time to clean your tub or shower.

Use stone mosaic tile

Install stone mosaic tile on one or multiple walls in your shower enclosure to immediately draw the eye in and create a luxurious focal point. Use earthy tones in your stone tile and fill your bathroom with plenty of greenery to help bring nature indoors and create a soothing space.

Implement a seating area

Encourage rest and relaxation in your shower with a small bench or a chair. This space can be used to store any shower essentials and will make the process of shaving much easier. Men can even shave in the shower – install a small hand-held mirror on the wall to help speed up your morning routine.

Hang convenient hooks

Place hooks on the walls to hang your bath towels. This will give you easy access to your towels so that you don’t have to step out before you dry off.

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