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Roman Tub Deck Mount Faucet

Roman Tub Deck Mount Faucet


If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom, consider a tub deck mount faucet. Also known as a Roman tub faucet or deck mount tub filler, this faucet is inspired by the baths of ancient Rome and designed to supply cascades of water to fill large tubs more efficiently. Today, you’ll find all the elegance of the original faucet with added modern touches that allow the user to enjoy even more efficient performance and aesthetic appeal.

The Roman tub deck mount requires three pre-drilled holes with variable centers from 8 to 24 inches where the faucet and handles are installed in the deck area surrounding the tub. This faucet design works well with freestanding contemporary, jacuzzi, drop-in, and alcove bathtubs with decking or tub surround. Since this type of installation calls for decking or tub surround, the plumbing will not be exposed as it is in some floor mount i