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How to Maintain the Matte Black Finish for Your Faucet


Most homeowners believe that every faucet should be cared for in the same way regardless of finish. This leads to problems with specialty finishes like matte black. Matte black is popular because its contemporary look goes well with a wide variety of home decor styles. Here are three cleaning tips to keep a matte black faucet looking new.

Avoid Most Cleaning Products

There are many common household cleaners that homeowners should never use to clean a matte black finish faucet. These include:

  • Abrasives
  • Acids, even food products like vinegar and lemon juice
  • Solvents
  • Abrasive Waxes
  • Bleach and all other chemical cleaners

Almost every cleaning product in the bathroom or kitchen will damage the matte black finish. Only mild dish soap mixed with water is recommended for cleaning. Use a soft sponge or a microfiber cloth to softly scrub the faucet clean and rinse it.

Wipe Daily

One of the most important tools for maintaining your matte black fixture is a microfiber cloth. Most tap water contains minerals that form white deposits on the faucet. If these deposits are allowed to form, they are hard to remove — and doing so may damage the finish. Manufacturers recommend using the microfiber cloth to wipe the faucet daily, so these deposits are never allowed to form.

Repair With Care

No other finish is as prone to scratching as matte black. Special tools are needed to repair the faucet. A strap wrench is the best tool for preventing damage to the finish because it uses a cloth strap for a firm grip rather than metal teeth. Rubber capped wrenches will also work. When hiring a plumber, make sure they have the tools and know-how to avoid damaging the finish.

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