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Home Design Tips Straight from Professional Stylists



Before you re-furnish each space in your home, consider these simple tips straight from professional stylists:

The more worn, the better
Worn and old furniture, rugs, shelving and distressed cabinets all add character and style to your home. Interior designer and television personality Nate Berkus loves the trend because it makes your home feel lived-in and cozy.

Think of decorating like a draft
If you’ve ever constructed an essay, it’s likely that you wrote out a rough draft first. Then you usually polish up your draft and turn it into a final copy. According to Lili Diallo, the founder of the online magazine Billie, this is how you should look at interior design. When furnishing and decorating a space in your home, go all out, filling it with everything that you want. Then when you’re done, clean it up and really show off your final product.

Incorporate color
Look in your bathroom, living room and kitchen design. Is there one color that dominates the entire space? Olga Naiman, a stylist featured in House Beautiful and Real Simple recommends being cautious when using brown. Naiman says that you shouldn’t have more than three or four brown objects in a room. Bring color into the room by reupholstering furnishings, repainting walls and adding in colorful rugs.

Vary texture
You never want any room in your house to look too matchy-matchy. Emily Henderson, the star of HGTV’s Secrets of a Stylist, says that you should never have more than three of the same thing, otherwise it may overwhelm the space. This is why you should experiment with various textures, such as brass faucets, a plush bath rug and a colorful tile backsplash.

Add a touch of nature
Sana Keefer, the prop and interior stylist of Pip & Estella, recommends bringing nature into the home. She likes to use clusters of flowers like amethyst and coral to bring color, texture and personality into the home. Try freshening up your bathroom with an arrangement of fresh blooms, or place them on a windowsill in your bedroom for a soothing touch of nature. Use earthy ceramics in place of a traditional vase to add a bit of rustic charm.

Blend trim with the walls
To help rooms in your home appear more spacious, paint the trim the same color as the walls so that they disappear. Interior designer and decorator Elaine Griffin also paints doors and window trim in the same shade as her walls to create a uniform look.