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His and hers bathroom ideas

His and hers bathroom ideas


Sharing a bathroom with your spouse doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice space and style. You can create a room that is accommodating to both of your needs, while still maintaining a coordinated and streamlined design throughout. Produce a relaxing and functional his and hers bathroom with these ideas and tips:

Choose a neutral color palette
To keep everyone happy, opt for a neutral color palette in the bathroom. This way, it won’t lean toward a primarily feminine or masculine style. Stick with whites, creams, beiges and tans. You can accent the room with bright colors using towels, bath mats or wall art. Both you and your spouse will find the colors appealing.

Optimize the tub and shower
If space isn’t a factor in your bathroom, you should consider installing a tub and a separate shower. This allows both of you to use the space at the same time so that you won’t have to wait for the other person to finish bathing. Choose rugged