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Exposed Plumbing Ideas

Exposed Plumbing Ideas

The Rise of Exposed Plumbing in Bathroom Design

Gone are the days when exposed plumbing was considered an unsightly construction flaw. With an intentional plan, visible pipes can now be a stunning statement in any bathroom remodel. As new technology emerges, traditional fixtures are getting a renewed chance at revival. Although typically found in modern, industrial, or rustic design, exposed plumbing elements prove to be chic. In this article, we will explore the various components included in visible plumbing, ways to complement other fixtures for a cohesive aesthetic, how innovations have improved this type of plumbing, and how to integrate it seamlessly into your bathroom ideas.


Key Components

Exposed plumbing includes all visible or bare pipes and connections such as p-traps, water supply lines, and flanges. P-traps are fundamental to exposed sink plumbing and are crucial to not allowing sewer gas into your home. They are also considered a focal design element as they connect directly under your sink and are easily visible. Go with a traditional shape p-trap or streamline the system with a bottle trap. Next, supply lines, which are to be connected to sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets, are most commonly flexible metal hoses. Whereas, its more stylish counterpart, durable metal piping, is a type of faucet connector that transforms ordinary plumbing into dramatic design. Whilst exposed pipes are commonly found in conjunction with a vanity sink, exposed shower plumbing is still very relevant and should be considered in your blueprint. The next component commonly associated with plumbing pipes are flanges. Flanges are decorative rings that cover the connection between a fixture and surface, assisting in creating a seamless transition from the exposed pipe to the wall opening. There are several places to use flanges, and they come in high-box, low pattern, and bell shapes. Choosing correct flange types will have a “cherry-on-top” impact on the overall concept. Don’t let these features sit on the back burner, and keep these essential points in mind when putting together your dream bathroom. 

Ways to Make Exposed Pipes Chic

To further develop your style statement, there are just a few details to pay attention to for a well-thought-out room. Be sure to coordinate the exposed plumbing style with other fixtures in the room if you want a noteworthy bathroom design. Choosing one color finish and keeping it consistent is an easy start. Consider a fresh color finish or uncommon shape for piping. To obtain an industrial look, try sleek lines in a matte black finish; for a more traditional vibe, ornate polished brass may be the way to go, while polished chrome offers a simple yet modern feel. You can take cohesion one step further by adding built-in bathroom accessories in the same finish such as towel racks, robe hooks, and toilet paper holders. Also, go for the unordinary when it comes to commonly seen elements. For a new shape under the sink, choose a bottle trap over a traditional p-trap. An idea to maximize wall space is redirecting pipes every which way with supply elbows. Don’t forget to align finishes and shapes with these additional fixtures: shower, sink, and tub faucets, shower diverters, plumbing trim kits, drain flanges, and toilet tank levers. With elevated details like this, your plumbing’s potential can be through the roof!

Benefits and Hiring a Professional

Presently, the use of PEX plumbing allows some freedom regardless of the space you’re working with. PEX pipes are flexible yet durable enough to maneuver into tight spaces, so you’re able to make your dream exposed plumbing vision come to life. Installing PEX plumbing also has other benefits for plumbing systems, including resistance to corrosion and scale buildup, and easier installation with fewer connections. While PEX plumbing is hidden away, the exposed plumbing is left in the spotlight. The ease of access to exposed pipes make maintenance and repairs easier, allowing for quick fixes when needed. In addition, many exposed plumbing fixtures are built in a way that maximizes water flow and efficiency, boosting your home’s sustainability factor. You can enjoy a blend of classic design and modern technology that provides both beauty and practicality if you use correct materials for your build. 

When planning to incorporate exposed plumbing in your bathroom ideas, the installation process is crucial, which can involve drilling into walls or tile, and requires precision. To ensure flawless execution on your venture, it's recommended to work with a professional designer or contractor who has experience with this type of project. They can provide guidance on trends, layout, and material selection based on your specific room to ensure that your project meets your needs and budget. Specialists will also have experience with different plumbing methods, and should know how to install PEX plumbing if that is your desired method. An added benefit is that the professionals are licensed and insured, which ensures that they comply with building codes and safety standards. This not only promises that your vision is realized but also helps you choose the most suitably safe components for your specific bathroom. Investing in expert help can save you time and money in the l