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Embracing the Past in a New England Kitchen Renovation

Embracing the Past in a New England Kitchen Renovation

Across New England are countless stunning homes spanning an array of styles, reflecting the many eras of craftsmanship in the area. This region of the United States is known for its historic homes, which often feature original designs dating back to the 17th century. From stately coastal homes to sprawling inland estates, New England homes are a special treasure for those who own them, rich with history and rooted in tradition.

However, at the same time, many homeowners are renovating their New England homes to add a touch of modernity to the space. In doing so, there is a desire to strike a balance between upgrading the home and still retaining the beauty of the past.

It is for this reason that many New England homeowners turn to luxury fixtures and pieces to ensure continuity in design. Rather than installing a generic faucet or a basic sink, homeowners often turn to premium pieces that help reflect the historic beauty of the area while offering modern conveniences.

For those considering a New England kitchen renovation, the following guide will cover some of the most popular options for embracing the past while bringing your kitchen into the modern day.

Choosing a New Kitchen Faucet

Updating a kitchen faucet is a simple yet effective way of renovating the kitchen. This simple fixture swap can not only refresh the look and feel of the kitchen but also have practical benefits. Many older fixtures develop leaks over time, leading to a high amount of water waste. This is a financial drain and also has a negative impact on the environment.

This is where adding a new kitchen faucet can provide dual benefits — improved water efficiency and an updated style. In keeping with the traditions of New England-style homes, homeowners often gravitate toward the following faucet styles.

Tudor Deck Mount


The Tudor deck mount faucet is an elegant and stately piece. This fixture features a long, tall faucet head, ideal for the deep sinks often found in New England-style kitchens. The styling of this piece gives a nod to the past with beautiful vintage elegance reflective of the mid-19th century design. The bridge design of the deck mount is ideal for a period-style kitchen, and the architectural elements and detailing make this an eye-catching piece. The fixture is available in numerous finishes, with the matte black finish being a popular choice for a sleek update to a New England kitchen. The brass construction is reminiscent of the durability of antique pieces, and the side sprayer and swivel abilities offer modern convenience.

Heritage Deck Mount

The Heritage two-hole deck mount kitchen faucet is another excellent pick for New England homes. The vintage styling of the bridge design and the classic hot and cold handles offer the perfect complement to a historic home. However, while the faucet features detailing and designs reminiscent of the past, the fixture offers all the conveniences of a modern piece. Available in numerous finishes, brushed nickel is a popular choice for adding a subtle touch of elegance to the kitchen.

Vintage Single-Hole Mount

For a sophisticated and simple design, the Vintage single-hole deck mount faucet is a popular choice. This stunning fixture embodies the antique designs of the early 20th century while offering a modern and sleek approach to the kitchen faucet. The base of this tall, sleek faucet mounts directly into the deck of a sink, and the rest of the silhouette rises above in a slender fashion. Two simple lever handles provide simplicity in function, and the oil-rubbed bronze finish adds a striking contrast to the neutral tones of a New England kitchen.

For an added pop of contrast, another option is the