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8 Tips for Turning Your Bathroom Into a Sanctuary

8 Tips for Turning Your Bathroom Into a Sanctuary

A bathroom is more than a place to get ready for work and wash off the day. It’s a space where you can relax and recharge right in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re shaking off sleep or getting ready for slumber, the bathroom is the perfect room in the house for creating the rituals that help you transition through the day.

You can turn your bathroom into a sanctuary without completely renovating the entire room — although that’s also an option if you have the time and patience for the project. Fortunately, you can create an inviting space that rivals a spa experience with a few carefully selected pieces. Here’s how.

1. Embrace Indulgence

The bathroom is the perfect room to embrace indulgence because the most luxurious fixtures are also surprisingly practical. A deep tub with a high end gives you plenty of room to completely submerge, and it supports your back as you soak in your favorite essential oils. Solid surface and cast iron tubs are not only durable but also hold heat longer, so you use less hot water. A clawfoot tub creates a stunning focal point for the room, and sliding into one for an evening bath feels lavish. It’s money well spent.

2. Create a Sensory Experience

Spas understand the impact of appealing to the five senses. You may find that your evening routines are more relaxing, and your morning procedures are less stressful when you follow their lead. Place a small speaker on a bathroom shelf to play music or nature sounds. Light a few candles or wax melts in your favorite fragrances — choose soothing lavender or bergamot for nighttime and invigorating eucalyptus or citrus for the morning. Wrap up in a soft robe after you get out of the shower.

3. Incorporate Natural Elements

When you’re surrounded by nature, you tend to feel less stressed because you’re able to disconnect from the world and focus on the moment. Bringing in natural elements to your bathroom sets the room’s mood and increases your relaxation. Set up plants around the room — especially in the shower, where you can easily water them. Decorate with earth tones — think muted shades of green, brown, and rust — that pair well with accessories in antique brass or antique copper. Install a rainfall shower head to simulate falling rain as you bathe.

4. Let In the Light

Light helps connect you to nature and brings you a sense of calm — and as a bonus, it keeps your plants happy. Take advantage of the light you have in the room by positioning the shower and tub near the windows. This can include installing a freestanding tub that doesn’t need to be anchored to a wall. If you can’t install a skylight or add more windows to your bathroom, you can still add ambient lighting to give the room a beautiful glow.

5. Soften the Space

Bathrooms sometimes have a reputation for being cold and practical by design, but you can easily soften the space with texture and color. Earth tones like rust and bronze add warmth to the room. If you scatter