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3 Latest Trends to Note for 2019

3 Latest Trends to Note for 2019


New year, new us! 2019 is here and so are new interior design trends! It is time to revamp your home with what is predicted to be this year’s fabulous fads. 2018 was filled with recycled and vintage pieces, plants, open shelving, metallic finishes, and minimalism. Now, let’s take a look at what’s going to make this new year pop:

  1. Contrasting colors. Bring some bang to your kitchen with the elegance of contrast. The opposition of light and dark or contrasting colors in such a central spot in the house can suggest disharmony but it can actually create a bold and grand aesthetic. Colors such as black and white suggest magnificence unlike any other. Previously, minimalist white kitchens were all the rage in 2018, but now the unique grandeur of contrast is