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Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

Homeowners have a variety of reasons for upgrading the interior. It may be functional, aesthetic, or maybe to invest in the value of their home. Installing a walk-in shower is one way to achieve all these objectives—and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Why You Should Upgrade

Any upgrade can be disruptive and, sometimes, expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Installing a walk-in shower is all the rage these days and adds a definite touch of elegance to the bath. Remodeling or adding a walk-in will increase your home’s salability, visual appeal, and functionality.

This upgrade is also less expensive than, say, overhauling the kitchen or hiring a good landscaper. Depending on how much bling you want in your new walk-in, professional estimates for a new walk-in shower run anywhere from $2,500 to $15,000.

A walk-in shower can also offer many benefits. It can make the bathroom look more spacious, even though the space hasn’t changed. And you can add features like steam, rainfall showerheads, built-in spa seats, storage, and more. So, if you plan to upgrade your home, you should consider the tub or shower first.

Types of Walk-in Showers

Your home has a certain “feel” — a look you’ve created and carried through the interior design of the house. A lot of time and effort goes into creating that look and feel, and you’ll want your new walk-in shower to reflect that same design. Here are a few options for what you’ll find available in fixtures and materials.

Modern style — Clean lines, open spaces, and relaxing decor make a modern style. You might find open shower spaces for this decor versus glass or tile walls and sliding glass doors. A perfect compliment to this style is the Concord collection from Kingston Brass. Choose from four colors and a variety of finishes to make it complement modern bathroom decor. Or maybe the NeuvoFusion line in matte black will better suit your tastes. It makes a bold statement and is built to last.


Traditional style — In a traditional decor, you may find exposed pipe and brick, subway tile, and glass doors. Traditional decor borrows from design trends from eras past and accents with the convenience of modern fixtures and features. Many traditional styles are available, like the wall-mount shower system from the Vintage collection. It features a beautifully crafted raindrop showerhead and a separate handheld showerhead with an exposed design that will be a focal point of any walk-in shower. Choose from five different finishes to add elegance and refinement to your shower time. The 91  water channels settings on the showerhead will leave everyone in your family rallying to be n