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 Kingston Brass, a promising new lead in designer and luxury plumbing products, recently partnered with Destiny Alfonso, a contributor to The Inspired Home, to showcase their products in her contemporary kitchen. Artfully crafted in its construction, the single hole kitchen faucet from their signature Heritage collection captures the lavish style of vintage early 20th-century design while the kitchen accessory, a towel bar from Kingston Brass’s English Vintage collection, balances its style with its own touch of European craftsmanship. Both items come from collections of expertly crafted solid brass plumbing products that both embody top-of-the-line functionality and sleek luxury.

Destiny Alfonso, the Arizona native interior designer, took to the faucet and towel bar when given the chance to give her kitchen’s preparation area an upgrade. Going into this project, Alfonso stated that her key goal in mind was the flow and functionality of her kitchen. She wanted to make her kitchen and the “zones” be able to work seamlessly together so that it makes her job in the kitchen perform even better.

It was all about how to really utilize one’s kitchen to its fullest and optimize all that you can from it, she said.

So, in order to achieve that, you have to understand just where your ‘prep zone’ is and just how you can make it more functional with her tips, she said.

“Adding a small sink with a disposal to your area can be bliss,” The Inspired Home contributor states. “By having a sink next to your prep area you’re able to do all the washing of the meat and veggies right next to the prep area. You can also dispose of any extra things immediately. This sink is fitted with a beautiful faucet from Kingston Brass that specifically made for a bar area or in my case a prep area.”

With functionality and organization in mind, Alfonso found inspiration from the kitchen fixture’s antique design and stylized glamour. The simplicity and traditional details made both the faucet and towel bar an understated yet conventional part of the kitchen when installed because of its versatility in Alfonso’s contemporary kitchen.

Both items blend vintage glamour in style with high performance; the solid construction makes it long-lasting and durable for years to come while also offering corrosion resistance in product finish. The kitchen faucet offers a wide array of functions and convenience with its single-hole feature, not to mention its side sprayer that makes cleaning an effortless chore. The towel bar accessory is the embodiment of convenience and ease with its easy installation and glamour in style, making any towel that is stored there an art of luxury.

“This Heritage two-handle single hole kitchen faucet offers a wide array of advantages in its construction and design. Its single-hole style makes it a hassle-free and time-saving installation process, easier than installing wall-mounts or three-hole faucets,” said Sales Manager Gary Lu. “Not to mention, most faucets like these feature a minimalistic design that is reminiscent of European contemporary fashion.”

About Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass’ primary mission is to become the leading provider of cost-effective, high-quality products in the plumbing community. Our focus has allowed us to grow by leaps and bounds in just a few years by identifying the key problems in manufacturing today and solving them. Kingston Brass produces high-quality products ranging from kitchen, bath, and lavatory faucets to accessories such as diverters, towel bars, robe hooks, supply lines, and miscellaneous parts. With the low price, amazing stock times and quality products, you can rest assured that when you order a Kingston Brass product you will love every part of the experience, and it will last for generations to come.

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