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Combining aesthetics and functionality to the plumbing community is what we, at Kingston Brass have focused and centered around.

Born from the dedicated minds of industry professionals in 1998, Kingston Brass has worked diligently in creating the top quality products to the plumbing/kitchen and bath market. In the years of building ourselves as a valued service and product provider, we have moved from local sources to the online world after achieving our original goal of establishing ourselves as a quality provider to the wholesale market nationwide.

Headquartered in Chino, California, Kingston Brass has sales, manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world that offer its employees exciting career opportunities.

Kingston Brass is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.



“Uniting to create quality value.”

To give the best we can offer is what orients and grounds Kingston Brass, bringing our diverse workforce together to cooperate and build on what can be improved. There is never a moment of still or slow time as we are always working together to create and build within Kingston Brass. Immersed in contributing for our customer oriented service, our culture is one of hard working ethics, passion, and pride.


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