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Kingston Brass Welcomes 22 New Bathtubs for 2019

Chino, Calif. – Jan. 14, 2019 – Kingston Brass is proud to announce the release of 22 new stylish bathtubs varying from clawfoot to freestanding tubs. By adding a wider array of bathtub styles, from vintage to modern, the goal is to provide customers with a grandiose statement piece to befit their bathroom design. "The special reason in gaining more bathtubs is not only about increasing the number of products we have," said James Choy, Kingston Brass' Marketing Manager, "But it's about offering an assortment of unique products that will suit unique individual tastes because everyone's style is different." From the 18th century to now, clawfoot bathtubs have been the apex of elegant and luxurious bathrooms. Still remaining in the public's eyes, these bathtubs are beloved by vintage lovers everywhere. With a smooth sloping back, clawfoot bathtubs are best known for their "feet." Offered in numerous finishes, the "feet" allow interchangeability to modify a bathroom's design from traditional to modern while keeping a luxurious aesthetic. On the other spectrum, popular in the 21st century, freestanding bathtubs are exactly as they are named. The bathtubs are free to "stand" anywhere placed in the bathroom. Whether they are manufactured in acrylic or solid surface, the clean and contemporary yet minimalist shape of these tubs have made them the focal point in many bathrooms. The freestanding bathtub, similar to the signature clawfoot bathtub, allow leeway in deciding where it is positioned within the bathroom. No longer will people be denied proper relaxation from banging their heads against the wall in the attempt to unravel one's self. Time is the true test of beauty and functionality. The bathtubs, from Aqua Eden are living proof that vintage and contemporary styled tubs have surpassed the test of time. Aqua Eden recaptures that essence of a luxurious lifestyle with extraordinary attention to detail and craftsmanship. The Aqua Eden bath collection features a wide variety of bathtub designs from clawfoot, pedestal, freestanding, drop-in’s and alcove (bathtub accessories as well). This suite offers the best in vintage and contemporary styled bathtubs constructed from cast iron, acrylic or solid surface material. Keep a look out as more additions to the Kingston Brass bathtub family will be added this coming February. To check out more bathtubs and tub feet, or any of our other plumbing appliances, head over to Kingston Brass, where you can also subscribe to the newsletter so you’ll be the first to know of new products, giveaways and specials. Don’t forget to also follow Kingston Brass’ Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for home design inspiration and tips.