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Why Your Next Renovation Needs to Include a Small Tub


Featured Image: SKU – VCTND5130NT8 Bathtubs were once the only way to get clean after a hard day’s work. Since showers have superseded the tub as the primary way of getting clean, many homeowners think of them as unnecessary or superfluous. However, the newest models of small bathtubs may change their minds once and for all. Smaller tubs fit into more spaces, making it easier to get creative with a bathroom’s layout. Here are three big reasons why every bathroom renovation should include a small tub.

Turn a Half Bath Into a Full

Half baths are usually limited to only providing toilet and sink features because of their size. Many half baths could feature a corner shower stall, but homeowners often avoid these space-saving features because they can look less than luxurious. A small tub is a great compromise to help make half baths into fully useful rooms. They’re more high-end looking and functional than cramped corner shower stalls, yet the 48-inch models, in particular, can often fit in surprisingly small open spaces.

Relaxation with Soaking

It’s all too easy to assume that a shower stall is a true replacement for a bathtub. However, showering is a completely different experience than bathing. Nothing compares to the relaxing feeling of soaking in the tub, especially after an injury or when experiencing minor back pain. Soaking in a medicated bath could even become an important part of treatment for a skin ailment. Showering may get the body clean, but it’s simply not the same. If there are no bathtubs currently installed in the home, make installing one a priority during the next bathroom renovation.

Washing Up Kids and Pets

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of trying to wash a muddy dog or bathe a wiggling toddler in a shower. Even if the family doesn’t currently include any pets or children, future circumstances can always leave you trying to give someone a bath that’s less than enthused about the idea. Bathtubs, even the smallest sitting tubs, are much easier to use for these kinds of chores. Even washing household appliances or cleaning up oversized bedding may need to occur in a tub after an unexpected mess.

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It’s up to each homeowner to decide what’s small enough for their bathroom, but most manufacturers consider anything under 60 inches to be on the small side. Tubs a