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Whistling Faucets: How to Stop the Noise

Whistling Faucets: How to Stop the Noise


Featured Image – @bossfit from Instagram – SKU: KS200PB Each day, homeowners rely on their kitchen and bathroom faucets to deliver water on demand. With a quick twist of a knob or pull of a handle, water comes rushing out. And, when things go well, the only sound heard is the flow of the water.

But, in some cases, another noise is heard—an unsettling and unwanted whistling.

High pitched and unpleasant, a whistling faucet is something that any homeowner wants to tackle right away. By diagnosing the underlying cause, the following tips can help stop the unwanted noise.

Check the Aerator

One of the most common culprits for whistling faucets is the aerator. Often, the whistling occurs because water is not flowing freely through the aerator. This results in the whistling sound.

To check the aerator, unscrew the piece from the spout. Look for any calcium or mineral build-up on the aerator. For homeowners with