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What To Do With Leftover Pumpkin

What To Do With Leftover Pumpkin


Come October and suddenly pumpkin everything becomes all the rage! Pumpkin spice drinks and sweets, pumpkins on sweaters, pumpkin decor, and even real carved pumpkins.

If you are one of many who are in the tradition of picking up several real pumpkins in seasonal cheer, but also dislike wasting leftover pumpkin, then this article is for you!

One of the easiest ways to use leftover pumpkin is to roast and puree the pumpkin. If you’re a fan of pumpkin, then you’re sure to easily find pumpkin flavored recipes to use up the homemade pumpkin puree. However, even if you’re not a fan of pumpkin, or if a family member is hesitant, there are still ways to incorporate pumpkin puree into non-pumpkin cooking.

Read on to find out how to make and store your own homemade pumpkin puree, and for 2 of our favorite easy pumpkin recipes.

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