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What Is an Angle Stop Valve?

What Is an Angle Stop Valve?


Featured Image: CC43108X When dealing with plumbing, there’s plenty of valves required for attaching new water lines that are easy to confuse. Homeowners can handle many basic plumbing tasks in the bathrooms and kitchens themselves. However, they need to know how to identify a part based on its appearance and use to order the right replacements and troubleshoot problems. Find out what an angle stop valve does, what it looks like, and how to replace it.

The Value of the Stop Valve

Stop valves, also known as shut off valves, are designed to cut off a single fixture or appliance. If a toilet springs a leak or a faucet starts spraying uncontrollably, having a stop valve installed on that fixture saves the homeowner from the effort of switching off the main supply valve. The family can keep using every other fixture that’s working while the problem is repaired. Every major water-using fixture and appliance, from the washing machine to a bathroom faucet, should have an accessible stop