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Turn your kitchen into the perfect party space

Turn your kitchen into the perfect party space


The holiday season is upon, and that means holiday celebrations! Is your kitchen party ready?

If you love to entertain, it’s important to have a kitchen that is accommodating to large groups of people for dinner or cocktail parties. This heart of the home often has a cozy, inviting feel that’s perfect for a party with friends and family, and parties often up end in there because that’s where the food is! Make entertaining easier on yourself and more enjoyable for your guests by considering these ideas for your kitchen design:

Make appliances easily accessible
Use your kitchen island to store appliances that your guests are likely to use, whether they’re a portable ice maker, a wine chiller or an ice cream maker. These items should be located near the end of the island so that friends and family can reach them without getting in the way of any dinner preparation.

Pay attention to lighting
Lighting really helps to set the mood for a party. You want to stay away from harsh lighting that you can often get with a single overhead light. Instead, hang colorful