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Tips for placing your kitchen sink


If you’re planning on doing some kitchen remodeling, you may want to consider moving your sink to a new location. Where your sink is placed not only has an effect on the design of your kitchen, it can have an impact on your kitchen’s function as well. Here are a few aspects you may want to consider when placing your sink:

The view

If you have a stunning view outside of your kitchen window, why face your sink away from that? Dishes can be made a lot more exciting when you have beautiful scenery to gaze upon as you wipe down dirty plates and bowls.


Do you frequently entertain? If so, you may want to think about placing your sink in an area that allows you to converse with your guests. You don’t want to be preparing dinner or doing the dishes in a corner that alienates you from the rest of your group. Putting your sink on a multi-level kitchen island is ideal for keeping an eye on your guests and opening up your kitchen design.


It’s not a good idea to have your sink far away from your dishwasher – you don’t want to have to carry dripping wet, dirty dishes across your kitchen. Instead, place your sink directly next to the dishwasher to make cleanup much easier and more efficient.

Day-to-day use

Large families may benefit from having more than one sink. This way, dishes can be done twice as fast, and when you need help prepping for dinner, you can delegate chores to another family member. The second sink doesn’t have to be as large and can be used for smaller duties like hand washing and rinsing fresh produce.


You may want to put your kitchen sink in a certain area of the room, but before you have your heart set on this location, think about plumbing. Are there going to be potential problems that will make sink installation difficult? Save on renovation expenses by placing your sink where there is already existing plumbing.


For a kitchen that’s short on space, it may be best to put your sink in an area that won’t interfere with traffic. Putting your sink in the corner of your kitchen, for instance, can help to preserve as much work space as possible. Corners are an often underused area of the kitchen, and a sink can put this space to work. A corner sink also won’t break the flow of counter space, giving you a longer stretch of countertop to work with