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Tips to Declutter Your Space

Tips to Declutter Your Space


All of the things that have trended in the past year of questionable validity, it appears one of them is actually helpful to our lives. The decluttering movement of 2019, led by Marie Kondo via her very HGTV-esque Netflix series, has taken the internet and world by storm. Kondo’s philosophy is simple— if the item sparks joy when you touch it, keep it. If it doesn’t, don’t.

This may sound like a rather brutal way of ridding your home of things that may hold memories and sentimental value, but believe it or not, that clutter could be causing your unhappiness. If your lack of organization is causing you to spend unreasonable amounts of time searching for things you need, that can sap your energy and build up frustration. In more severe situations, that clutter could be a safety risk if it causes fire haz