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The Vilbosch series: Contemporary furnishings for your kitchen and bathroom


Click HERE to see the interactive Vilbosch Catalog.

Kingston Brass, in its tradition of staying at the forefront of plumbing innovation, has brought out their Vilbosch series, the emporium of contemporary style faucets.

Comprised of eight different collections, The Vilbosch series is positioned to be Kingston Brass’ answer to affordable contemporary Euro styling: (1) The Concord collection’s cylindrical tubular lines, (2) The Kaiser collection, a spin off of the Concord collection, features similar lines upgraded by black accents on the handle that break the monotony and add a little splash of style, (3) The Claremont collection features distinctive square-shaped angles, (4) The Clearwater collection, one of many fusion offerings, is a collection that manages to successfully blend contemporary escutcheons with more traditional wave lever handles. The collection achieves a look that only our team of designers could have envisioned and successfully brought to life.

Like these, there are others: (5) The Manhattan, with its tubular lever handles and (6) the Nuvo Fusion that blends cylindrical escutcheons with rectangular sleek lever handles.

There is no question that modern bathroom décor has been evolving from its beginnings in the early 19th Century. Kingston Brass proves that boldness and elegance can go hand-in-hand towards the evolution of bathroom design for 2011.