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The Pros of a One-Piece Toilet

The Pros of a One-Piece Toilet


Featured Image: vtc2995 When it comes to choosing a toilet, there are two main styles available — a two-piece toilet and a one-part toilet.

Both styles of toilets have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, and both are available in numerous designs. However, one-piece toilets are increasing in popularity due to their sleek and modern design.

For homeowners considering the purchase of a one-piece toilet, there are numerous benefits to enjoy. The following guide takes a quick look at the reasons why homeowners are choosing these one-piece designs.

#1: Sleek Design

One of the top benefits of a one-piece toilet is the sleek style of the piece. Rather than featuring a separate tank and seat, these toilets are designed with a seamless mold. The tank and seat are formed together into a single unit, creating a sleek style.

The result is that one-piece toilets are a great pick for minimalistic and modern designs. Most bathroom remodels include swapping out old two-piece toilets for a conte