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Staying Warm with a Clawfoot Tub

Staying Warm with a Clawfoot Tub


Featured Image: @brownstoneboys Faucet Package: CCK3188AL Tub: VCT3D603019NT5 As Fall is becoming cooler and cooler, staying warm and cozy is of the utmost importance during this season and into winter. Taking relaxing baths can help to keep you warm before tucking into bed for the night. Clawfoot tubs are especially great for soaking due to the depth of the tub and height of the rollover edge. Clawfoot tubs also add a charming elegance to your bathroom and can tie in your bathroom’s design.


Kingston offers Clawfoot Tubs in acrylic and cast iron materials. These materials are sturdy and dependable for many spa-like experiences to come. Cast iron material is relatively much heavier than other bathtub materials and because