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Square Up, Showerhead, KX4648CK

Square Up, Showerhead, KX4648CK


Everyone loves baths. It’s practically a given fact, but most people also don’t have the luxury of bathing every day (I have a two-year-old bath bomb in my bottom drawer that has withered and died without me knowing), which is why showering has become the new star. It’s true, everyone showers, but a good shower? A fragrant, silky, hot shower that’s more rejuvenating than all the newest health fads put together can work wonders on any tired soul.

The KX4648CK Claremont 8″ Rainfall Square Showerhead with 16″ Shower Arm in brushed nickel is here to help you upgrade your shower experience from average to unforgettable. Rain drop technology coupled with an 8″ diameter face ensures that every inch of your body gets to feel the euphoric sensation of warm rain. Its square shape is also perfect for homes with geometric decor, or those who simply want to change it up, because if anything, buying a square showerhead makes you less of a square.

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