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Spooky, Scary Gothic Bathrooms


With Halloween around the corner, it isn’t too early to start decorating for the best scary holiday. So it’s only reasonable that you get started on one of the best American Holidays. If you are looking to keep the decorations subtle and tasteful, and not too overboard with the skulls and spiders, then the Gothic style is the one for you. Dark and dramatic, this still is known for its eerie yet sophisticated style that is synonymous with Edgar Allen Poe and The Addams Family. The Gothic design is defined for its mixture of humor and dark artistry and embraces the beauty of life and death and the glamour of dark colors. There is no need to paint everything black just to accomplish this style. Just a small, tasteful touch will add that ghoulish glamour to your space.

Here are four ways you can transform your bathroom into a spooky, scary gothic paradise, just in time for th