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KS8107ZX Satin Brass Pot Filler Faucet

Satin Brass Pot Filler Faucet Feature: KS8107ZX


We would all prefer a kitchen that has the characteristics of a professional restaurant; They are stocked with all of the important appliances to speedily, efficiently, and stylishly cook meals. For example, one helpful kitchen device often not seen in a domestic setting is the wall-mount pot filler. By the same token, Water is easily accessible with a satin brass pot filler faucet being placed directly above the stove.

For the skilled cook or simply the inventive interior designer, the highly-acclaimed pot filler faucets are a fitting addition to all kitchens. Therefore, Kingston Brass constructs Pot filler faucets with an extendable and collapsible arm faucet that is used to fill pots with water effortlessly. They were initiall