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Pot Filler for Puny Arms, KS8105DFL

Pot Filler for Puny Arms, KS8105DFL


I have no upper body strength. It’s not something that bothers me immensely most of the time, and if a magic genie appeared out of nowhere and gave me three wishes, having muscly arms would be near last on my list. But the other day I was in the kitchen helping my mother cook a giant pot of soup, and honestly? In that moment I really would’ve given up one of those hypothetical wishes just to not have to carry that giant pot of water all the way from the sink to the stove.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where you’d find a genie to grant that wish. Fortunately, however, this KS8105DFL Wall Mount Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet in oil rubbed bronze doesn’t require any supernatural intervention to obtain. It’s got a swing-arm spout and the ability to extend up to 20 inches, and attaches neatly to your kitchen wall just above the stove. You can also use this for a lot more than pots— tea kettles, vases, that giant water toy that doesn’t really fit under the sink faucet— the possibilities are endless. And even if you’re the fittest person on the planet, who wants to carry a giant pot of water when you have to? This way, you can save your genie wish for something better.

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