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How to pick the perfect kitchen backsplash


Do you want to draw more attention to your beautiful wall mounted kitchen faucets? Then adding a backsplash to the space is great idea. Not only does a backsplash add beauty and style to your kitchen design, it protects your walls from getting destroyed by greasy food splatters that come from the sink and stove. The trouble with backsplashes is that there are so many materials and designs from which to choose! To make the process a little less overwhelming, keep these tips in the back of your mind:

Select the right material
There are a number of backsplash materials that you can select from, all of which have different advantages:

Ceramic tile: What homeowners love most about ceramic tile is its ease of maintenance. It resists stains, so you won’t have to constantly be wiping it down. Ceramic tile also comes in many shapes and colors, allowing you to adhere to the theme of your kitchen.

Stone: While stone backsplashes are beautiful, this particular material is more susceptible to stains and chipping. If you do go with a stone backsplash, you should be prepared to reseal it at least once a year to keep it looking clean and new.

Glass: Glass is great at reflecting natural light, which can help a small, cozy kitchen appear more spacious and brighter. This material is also easy to clean – just one quick swipe with a sponge and it will look brand new.

When choosing the appropriate material for your backsplash, you should keep your lifestyle in mind. If you entertain frequently and cook all the time, you’re going to want a material that’s easy to clean and maintain. But if you spend more time on your patio than you do in the kitchen, you might be OK with having a backsplash that needs a bit more maintenance.

Identify the theme of your kitchen
You don’t want the backsplash you’ve chosen to clash with the rest of your kitchen design. If your kitchen is filled with weathered wood and a fresh white color palette, you likely have a farmhouse or rustic style. A classic white ceramic subway tile backsplash would complement this particular aesthetic perfectly. A kitchen with an industrial or loft-type look might be better suited for a stone backsplash.

Consider your budget
If you’re trying to remodel your kitchen on a budget, you can consider classic choices that are often less expensive, like white ceramic tile. But there’s one thing that you should never skimp on: grout. Choose a color that’s going to complement the hue of your tile. If you have gray tile, for instance, you might want to use white grout to provide a beautiful contrast. But if you want the grout to blend in, you should to select a shade that best matches the tile.

You can also cut your backsplash in half, by only covering a small part of your wall. This will help to greatly slash the price tag on your backsplash. Doing so provides your kitchen with color and style without sacrificing your budget.