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Organization tips for your vintage style kitchen


For many people, a happy home is an organized one. As you plan out your vintage remodeling design – with your vintage faucets and more – include smart storage options in the layout. Here are a few tips that lead to a hassle-free kitchen experience:

Built-in storage
There is no need to head to a storage solution store when everything you need can be built into the cabinetry. You know how your family operates, so play a role in the design process. Once you have the base plan for your cabinets, imagine what you will be keeping in each one. For example, next to the stove you will need cooking utensils within hands reach. So install wide built-ins to separate your can openers, knives and other tools. Additionally, in the top cabinet you’ll need to keep salt, pepper and other seasonings to add to dinner.

Be creative – If you don’t have a pantry, add turntables to your bottom cabinets. This way you can reach cans and other non-perishables much more easily.

Refrigerator – Don’t purchase your refrigerator solely for aesthetic reasons. It also has to be a fully functional appliance. Nowadays, manufacturers are optimizing shelving and freezer compartments. You can find one with clearly assigned units for fruits and vegetables, and sometimes even leftover pizza. Also, some models have a pull-out feature where kids can access their favorite after-school snacks.

Organize by use
If you set up zones in your kitchen, you can house everything where you use it most. For example, if you’re an avid baker, keep your standing mixer, hand blender and other small appliances on one end of the kitchen. Then you can dedicate an entire cabinet to flour, sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon and more baking ingredients.

Other tips
Another tip involves your spice rack. Simply alphabetize its contents to save time looking for the necessary seasoning. Recycling is important – purchase baskets and label them paper, glass, plastic and aluminum. You can even install a pull-out tray that lets each bin slide hidden away into a cabinet.

Hang items – Install a shelf with hooks for your aprons and oven mitts. The top surface can hold cooking books, flowers or artwork.

Cutting boards and lids – Use plate holders to store pot lids and cutting boards.