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On-Tub Wall Mount Faucets


Wall mount faucets are exactly as described, bathtub faucets mounted on the wall. As an addition where freestanding tubs are featured, on-tub wall mount faucets offer a tribute to Victorian-era design.

While wall mount faucets require no holes in the tub, on-tub wall mount faucets do require a faucet hole in the wall. The holes are typically closer together than a wall mount faucet with the standard measurement at three and three-eighths inch centers for two holes. Deck mount tub faucets are commonly used in more contemporary designs and require a deck surrounding the tub for installation.

For rigid water lines, under the floor access is required, but flexible water lines can be used for plumbing access through the wall. The very versatile on-tub wall mount faucet can be used with clawfoot, drop-in, alcove, or freestanding tubs. The on-tub wall mount is a perfect complement to traditional roll-top clawfoot or single slipper clawfoot tubs.

Until the late 1800s, after the invention and success of such things as flushing toilets, hot and cold running water, and indoor plumbing and pipes, that having one room for the bath area became popular. Because of the design of homes during that era, many walls could not accommodate plumbing with wooden and highly detailed wainscoting or tile covering most of the walls. Accessing plumbing through the floor became a popular workaround and the on-tub wall mount faucet became the perfect water filler for the new oval tubs. In 1885, the first cast iron, clawfoot bathtub was introduced.

Today, for those who have a penchant for Victorian-era decor, a clawfoot tub with an on-tub wall mount creates a vision of luxury and relaxation as well as an impressive focal point for your bathroom. View a wide assortment of finishes and designs of on-tub wall mount faucets at Kingston Brass.