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No Demo Bathroom Reno Ideas

No Demo Bathroom Reno Ideas

A “No Demo Bathroom Reno” is essentially an awesome washroom makeover without the hassle of an invasive teardown or extensive (a.k.a expensive!) rebuild. At times, this kind of renovation can be a spontaneous venture, but the planning doesn’t have to be on a whim. With these bathroom renovation ideas, you can transform an outdated, boring, drab bathroom into an artful and welcoming room. Keep reading for the best no demo bathroom reno makeover ideas.



Hardware is a common design element to swap out during either a kitchen or bathroom update. However, the key is to execute this change with precision and cohesion. Hardware includes metal pieces such as doorknobs, drawer pulls, cabinet handles, towel bars, toilet paper holders, and toilet tank levers. Our top tips for choosing your perfect hardware:

  • Color Finishes: Stick with 1 color finish & make sure tones match if purchased from separate retailers.
  • Shapes: Match shapes across each piece. If your drawer pulls are rectangular and boxy, select a faucet with a more angular design. If you have more circular knobs, choose a bathroom accessory package with softer curves.
  • Toilet Lever: Pick a pairable toilet tank lever with the same color finish as the other accessories and parts in the room.




One of the biggest factors that contributes to any room’s atmosphere is lighting. Natural light is most sought after by homeowners, sometimes to the extent of it being on their new house must-haves checklist. However, if natural light is scarce in your bathroom, you can play into an ambient vibe, which gives off the ultimate spa relaxation feel. Another solution to remedy the lack of natural light is to add larger statement lighting, sconces or pendants. With this type of lighting, you can create a more stunning design focal point as well as incorporating the much needed additional room illumination. Our top tips for choosing your lighting:

  • Natural Light: Accentuate any natural light if possible
  • New Light Fixtures: Swap out existing lights for a new style. Try sconces, pendants, or led strip lights (be sure to keep strip lights hidden for an elevated look.)
  • Task Lighting: Don’t forget task lighting for any vanities or frequently utilized areas, especially those used for long periods of time 
  • Paint: Select a light colored paint to brighten the room by reflecting light



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