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Decoration Ideas for Small a Bathroom


Small bathrooms can cause occupants to feel cramped or cozy. The key to creating a space you’ll love is choosing decorations and fixtures thoughtfully with regard to the space they’ll be occupying. At Kingston Brass, we have bathroom faucets, accessories, tubs, and more to make the most of your small bathroom.

Bathroom Faucets

Four-inch centerset faucets provide the same style and function as larger configurations and are perfect for small bathrooms. The Fauceture Duchess centerset faucet takes up minimal space while providing gleaming good looks and durability without overwhelming the space.


Single-hole faucets are also a great choice for small bathrooms, providing a single faucet and handle that pivots to change the water temperature. Kingston Brass offers the Fauceture Frankfurt single-handle bathroom faucet that would be a perfect fit for small baths.


Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories can maximize space in a small bathroom and add a little style. Soap baskets that go in the tub and robe hooks that provide a handy spot for robes and towels deliver much-needed functionality without taking up precious space. The Clawfoot Bath Tub shelf from Kingston Brass has lots of space for items that make bath time fun and it fits across the width of the tub. This leaves plenty of space in shelves and storage areas and keeps tub time soaps and loofas handy.