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How to Stay Modern with a Clawfoot Tub


Featured Image: VCTND5130NT8 Clawfoot tubs have a well-earned reputation for being a classic icon of bathroom style. However, don’t let that limit the design options for this kind of feature. Clawfoot tubs are too spacious and attractive to limit to use only in traditional bathrooms. These tubs can look modern as well when the right design is selected. These four tricks will help keep the bathroom modern-looking, even with a clawfoot tub as the centerpiece of the room.

Choose a Modern Bathroom Vanity

Aside from the tub or shower enclosure, the bathroom vanity is the next largest eye-catching fixture in the bathroom. Keeping it as modern as possible is the best way to balance out any traditional style offered by the tub. Modern bathroom vanities tend to feature crisp square or oval shapes and clean lines. Wall-mounted vanities are a great option to balance out a clawfoot tub, even in a small bathroom.

Look for Streamlined Tub Feet

Modern, streamlined clawfoot tub feet are the key to updating the look of practically any tub of this style. Traditional feet are curvy and feature fluted lines or figurative designs like bird claws or animal feet. In contrast, modern tub feet are simplified and stick to smooth curves or blocky industrial styles. If modern tub feet aren’t available, utilizing traditional tub feet in modern finishes will work. Finishes such as chrome, nickel and black offer subtle hues for modern designs. Monochrome tubs such as white tubs with white tub feet can contribute to the modern feel.

Pair with Powerful Tub Filler

An outstanding tub filler does more than just ensure the tub fills quickly with hot water. It also sets the style tone for the rest of the bathroom. With a modern style for the filler, even a traditional clawfoot tub will look trendy and up-to-date.

Consider Alternative Colors

Don’t settle for the standard cream and white colors used for the classic clawfoot tubs found in Victorian bathrooms. Today’s tub designs come in many more colors, including designs featuring the contrast of black on white finishes. Consider the color of the feet, at least—even if a standard white finish is best for the tub itself. Exciting finishes on the feet or even bright colors can make the feature feel modern rather than classic.

Now that it’s clear that clawfoot tubs can be modern, too, check out the selection availab