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How to Make the Home Bar the Star of Family Celebration

How to Make the Home Bar the Star of Family Celebration

Feature image by: TMcGuire

It is easy to have a celebration around your home bar: entertain your guests with a few Fourth of July Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before serving up the main dish in the kitchen. Should they need it, it is also convenient for guests to quickly wash their hands, fill up glasses, or wash some smaller dishes in the bar prep sink without having to track down the busy host. However, a home bar does not have to be limited to booze-filled celebrations. It has the potential to be just as central even in events that do not include drinks.

Gather the family closer together around the home bar especially on the day that celebrates us, the Fourth of July.
Although it is a smaller kitchen sink, a home bar equipped with a bar faucet and sink will give you extra workspace to create your cherished family recipes for your loved ones. Plus, it has the potential to transform cooking from a task into a family activity.
For instance, the extra space allows for more helping hands in the kitchen for food prepping while the extra sink will allow others to clean extra dishes and glasses while the main sink is occupied. Even the youngest members of the family could partake in the cooking by helping to rinse the necessary produce — you may even inspire them to grow up to become a chef one day.
Meanwhile, away from the serious cooking in the kitchen, the bar-prep area is also safe enough for family pets to join in on the festivities and feel like a part of the fun. If they’re lucky, they might even snag themselves a treat or two. With extra space that a bar prep provides, no one in the family has to be left out.
Food-prepping and cooking aside, even washing dishes as a chore can become a family event with a bar-prep faucet.
Form two, three-people teams: someone washing, someone drying, and someone putting away dishes. Double the sinks, double the productivity.
With so much potential for productivity and fun, it is really easy to make your bar-prep area the star of this year’s Fourth of July. Celebrations in your home can be even more special by making previous chores into an inclusive activity.
Kingston’s bar-prep faucets and sinks come in a variety of colors and finishes so that you can build and customize your ideal kitchen.