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How to Install Tub Feet

How to Install Tub Feet


Featured Image: SKU – VCTND5731B0 Nothing beats the elegant and luxurious feel of a clawfoot bathtub. These tubs are not only a beautiful addition to any bathroom, but they also offer the perfect relaxation option. Soaking in a warm bath after a long day can truly melt away the day’s stress.

For homeowners considering a clawfoot tub, one of the key steps in installation will be installing the tub feet. Tub feet are available in numerous styles, designs, and finishes, making it easy to pick out the perfect tub to match any bathroom design.

Once the tub has been chosen, it is time to get to work installing the feet.

Start by Gathering the Tools and Supplies

To install tub feet, the first step is to gather the appropriate tools and supplies. You’ll need:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Rubber mallet
  • Set of tub feet
  • Accompanying bolts, washers, and lug nuts