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How to Install a Towel Ring

How to Install a Towel Ring


Featured Image – @ostervillecottage from Instagram – SKUs: KVPB2018W87, KB1977AX, BA1114BB Finishing out a new or remodeled bathroom requires a wide range of accessories. There are many options for organizing towels, but few work better for hand towels by the sink than the towel ring. A towel ring is easy enough to install over most bathroom wall materials.

Choose a Location

Start the installation by choosing the placement for the ring. Most towel rings are installed next to a sink or vanity to offer a way to dry the hands or face. Mount the ring high enough that the preferred towels won’t drape onto the countertop or into the sink. It’s easiest to install the ring onto drywall, but tile shouldn’t be an issue with the right drill bit. Stone walls or backsplashes covering the desired mounting will require the help of a professional installer. Trace the base of the towel ring with a pencil on the wall in the desired placement.