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How to Care for Vessel Bathroom Sinks

How to Care for Vessel Bathroom Sinks


Your beautiful, new vessel sink is installed, and it definitely creates a focal point that is the envy of every guest in your home. The flair and uniqueness are undeniable. Now, how to maintain that gorgeous new addition is just a matter of a daily routine.

What Is a Vessel Sink?

A vessel sink is a basin that sits on top of the bathroom vanity or counter. Another option allows for a portion of the sink to be installed under the counter while the top extends over it. Vessel sinks are available in a number of finishes including glass, porcelain, and ceramic. The shape can vary from a contemporary bowl to a more traditional rectangular shape.

How to Maintain a Vessel Sink

Because a vessel sink sits on top of the bathroom counter or has just a portion installed, rather than being installed under the counter or vanity, there is some opportunity for dirt and grime to accumulate along the outside. Regular cleaning is important to prevent permanent damag