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<h1><b>Decorative Handles Are One of the Most Popular Faucet Trends in 2023</b></h1> <p> </p>

Decorative Handles Are One of the Most Popular Faucet Trends in 2023


Over the years, kitchen and bathroom faucets have taken on many styles and forms. While much of the focus has been on the design of the faucet body, there is a new trend making waves in the home design scene. Increasingly, decorative handles are becoming the focal point of faucet style.

With decorative handles as one of the most popular 2023 faucet trends, this guide is here to break down the ways in which decorative handles are being incorporated in kitchens and bathrooms. Discover the latest in faucet trends and find handles to match any style.

Functional Handles With Flair

When considering decorative handles, it's easy to assume that the only concern for homeowners is the stylistic details of the handle. While, yes, decorative handles focus on incorporating fresh style into the bathroom and kitchen, there is more than meets the eye.

Many of the latest decorative handles are also designed with functionality in mind. For those who have limited mobility or battle painful arthritis, the style of a handle makes a big difference in the functionality of the room.

For this reason, one popular trend is to pick out designer lever handles. Many lever handles are generally ADA compliant due to their function. Rather than a twist knob or handle, a lever faucet handle is simple to manipulate.

Consider modern ADA-compliant bathroom faucets which incorporate this lever design. In addition to the fact that many lever handles are ADA-compliant, these faucet handles are also being designed with style in mind.

Take, for instance, the Continental single-handle bathroom faucet. This faucet features a sleek design that offers the perfect modern touch for the bathroom. The simple lever is easy to use, but the unique single-hole design with stunning curves makes the faucet stand out. It's a lever that both makes life easier and improves the style of the bathroom.

Or, for a more traditional, elegant look, the Heritage two-handle bathroom faucet offers incredibly sophisticated detailing while maintaining faucet lever handles that are simple to operate. This faucet is the perfect blend of elegance and function.

Similarly, consider ADA-compliant kitchen faucets. The Heritage two-handle bridge kitchen faucet is wholly elegant, while the lever handles make using the kitche