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How to frame clawfoot tubs

How to frame clawfoot tubs


Clawfoot tubs are the centerpiece of the bathroom. They already draw the eye in with their ornate feet, but there is more that can be done to make them a focal point in the room. Recently, a new trend has hit the bathroom interior design world that softens up some of the hard elements of the functional room.

What is framing?
Designers are setting the clawfoot tub apart from the rest of the room with a strategically placed drape and other decorations.

One simple way to frame vintage tubs is with a fabric curtain. These can be picked up from the same place you purchase window treatments, or you can create your own. Use other items in your bathroom as a source of inspiration. If you have a particular color on your wall, choose a complementary hue for the drapes. There might be some artwork that has interesting patterns you can repeat in the curtain. For a refined look, opt for a two-tone style with a highcontrasting border.

You can frame your tub by either allowing the fabric to han