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Finding the right neutrals for your vintage kitchen design


Like a picture, colors can speak a thousand words. They play on your emotions eliciting excitement, serenity or drama. Contemporary trends are moving toward neutral color palettes that showcase sophisticated vintage kitchen design.

Some may say choosing neutrals is playing it safe in a room. That can’t be farther than the truth since those tones are often the foundation of many successful color schemes. Here are some tips to capitalize on neutral tones for your next vintage remodeling project:

When one considers this color in the kitchen, country white might come to mind. It shows off a fresh space and reflects lots of color. Incorporate white in your countertops, seating or appliances.

There are a variety of ways of bringing black into your kitchen design. You can choose to subtly place hints of the hue into your seating, cabinet knobs and surfaces. Also, a black countertop in an otherwise light-colored room can really make an impact.

In recent years, gray has taken over interior design as well as the fashion world. Its not seen as a neutral, but a muted play on color. For a contemporary look paint your cabinets a soft gray. This tone allows the detail in the cabinetry to shine while also complementing the rest of the room.

Some may not think of beige as being a pivotal color in interior design. However, it elicits memories of sandy beaches and ocean front broadwalks. Beige brings in that necessary element of nature into the space. Incorporate this color into the cabinets or a textured floor design.

A neutral blue for the bathroom might be a sky or pale tone. But kitchens can withstand the richness of navy. It’s a good color option for the walls. It’s not a dark as black but it still commands the same amount of attention.

Green is a neutral when taken from plants and nature. A simple vase with a colorful flower arrangement set with a bed of tall grass adds a vibrant feel to the room.

Natural neutrals
Oak and cherry wood are both considered neutrals as well as a granite and marble slab. The color of your larger fixtures such as your table or center island should also be taken into account. For instance, a cherry wood warms up a room and can inspire you to bring in deep red drapes. In another example, you could pair a dark granite countertop with white cabinetry or shelving for a high-contrast design.

Accent color
It’s fine to add a splash of color in a neutral palette. Wow guests when you incorporate vibrant hues in unexpected places. Consider painting the inside of cabinets yellow or orange. It you want the color to be more visible, opt for open shelving or glass doors.

A neutral color scheme in your vintage kitchen can showcase the fine lines in your fixtures and portray the luxury of the space.