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Dining in the Kitchen

Dining in the Kitchen


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Whether you have a dining room or kitchen island to eat meals throughout the day at, your kitchen can be designed conveniently for dining in. Cooking meals with easy to use kitchen fixtures can make it much easier. Fixtures such as pot fillers, water filtration faucets and kitchen islands can create an accessible kitchen. These fixtures are also great for baking desserts or day time treats.

Pot Filler

A pot filler is a great convenience for the kitchen whether you are cooking or baking. Pot filler’s eliminate the hassle of having to carry a pot full of water from the sink to the stove. They hang on the wall right above the stove and underneath the hood vent and are connected to a water source inside of the wall. The convenience comes from the swivel feature on the faucet that allows it to swing out vertically to align over your pot. The knob on the pot filler turns the water access on and off. This fixture is great for making meals consisting of pasta, vegetables, anything that needs to be steamed or boiled.