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Decorating your vintage bathroom for the holidays


Winter can be a challenging season, but it also has its upsides. It signals the time you get to gather with friends and family to celebrate traditions. This year, as you decorate your home to showcase the warmth of the holidays, don’t forget about the bathroom. Bring in the colors and the sparkle of the season to ignite your festive spirit.

Linens – Changing your linens is the easiest way to freshen up a room. For Thanksgiving, opt for brown or orange drapes. If you have oil-rubbed bronze or antique brass vintage bath fixtures the design will be in complete harmony.

Accents – Aromatherapy can provide a relaxing experience. Pick up some pine cones from your neighborhood to bring in their natural scent. You can purchase candles that have the same effect. Also, while you sit back and soak in the deep basin of your clawfoot tub, have a bowl of nuts nearby for a fall treat.

Classic colors – If you celebrate Hanukkah, bring in the iconic blue hues of the holiday. Use the color in your hand and body towels and offset the hues with crisp white linens. For a truly elegant look, you can add accent colors like shimmery gold and silver. It will make the room feel extra special just like it should during the holidays.

Accessories – Designers have created a variety of stylish menorahs to decorate your home. Go ahead and house your main one in the living room, but pick up a smaller version so you can remember the miracle of the oil while you relax after a long day.

Wreaths – Add a bit of holiday style to your vintage bathroom design with wreaths. You could hang one outside your bathroom door, but you can also get creative with these evergreens. They can take the place of plants when you use them at the base of a vase, container or candle.

Color – Christmas has iconic colors associated with the holiday. You can opt for the classic red and green color matchup, or you can decorate your room in a more elegant theme of jewel tones, which include royal blue, gold, silver and red. In the weeks leading up to Christmas you can install a bold red shower curtain.

Lighting – Lights aren’t only for the Christmas tree. Choose medium-sized white lights to run along the perimeter of your ceiling. They convey the holiday spirit and provide dimly lit spot lighting for when you want to soak in your clawfoot tub.

Other decorating tips
There are other ways to get in the holiday spirit that work for each of these celebrations.

Music – Bring out your festive tunes and play them in the background as you enjoy the decorations.

Trinkets – Display some of your fall- or winter-related trinkets in the bathroom. Sometimes a whimsical touch can really make a difference.