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Create a Luxury Bath Experience in a Small Space With These Fixtures

Create a Luxury Bath Experience in a Small Space With These Fixtures

Photo courtesy of @thesmisfithouse

There's nothing better than going to a spa to rejuvenate and refresh. Recreating the luxurious spa experience in a home bathroom feels just as good and makes getting some quality self-care incredibly convenient. There's no tip to leave the attendant, and no one has to drive home in traffic that can undo all of the relaxation from the spa experience.

The secret to creating a luxury bath experience is all in the details — think mood lighting, tranquil music, and humidity-loving tropical plants. The soft textiles in cushiony bathmats, velvety robes, and fluffy towels bring extra touches, and rich colors complete the sensory experience.

The thought of creating a luxury experience in a small bathroom may seem daunting, but it can be done. All it takes is some planning and careful selection of the right pieces and accessories.

How To Add Luxury Elements to the Bathroom

Luxury isn't limited by size, but be prepared to scale back the size of the pieces in the bathroom. This may mean choosing a smaller tub or vanity or selecting items that do double duty, like a combination shower and tub or grab bars with built-in soap holders. Pay attention to the amount of vertical space in the room, and look for ways to use hooks, holders, and rings on the wall for additional storage.

The items on the following list bring luxurious elements to the room. Some provide practical ways to make the most of the space without compromising extravagance, while others help create a spa-like ambiance that turns the bathroom into a miniature retreat.

Photo courtesy of @studioluxeinteriors

Choose a Compact Console

The biggest challenge to working in a small bathroom is the limited space. Start by measuring the space available for each fixture and look for a compact console that fits those dimensions.

A shallow sink gets the job done and can maximize the storage space under the console since the sink doesn't sit down too far in the console.

Photo courtesy of @themisfithouse

Try an Open Vanity

One trick for making a small room look bigger is to get rid of doors. Instead of closing off the space with a sink cabinet, check out an open-style vanity. Choose a vanity like the Quadras ceramic console sink with a rich brushed brass finish to add warmth to the room, and use decorative baskets and bins to organize the home spa products on the shelves.


Select a Centerset Faucet

 A centerset faucet takes up less space than a widespread faucet, making it ideal for a compact bathroom. They come in a variety of styles that instantly upgrade the bathroom to a luxurious spa-like retreat. Choose a faucet with ornate stylings like the Metropolitan collection in polished chrome or stunning curves like the Restoration line in brushed brass.

Look for Bathroom Accessories That Do Double Duty