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Choosing a Single-Hole Faucet

Choosing a Single-Hole Faucet


Featured Image: @live.simple.mama from Instagram – SKU: KS1492BEX Single-hole faucets are a great fit for many sink styles. These faucets take up very little space and mount directly into a single hole. In both bathrooms and kitchens, single-hole faucets continue to be a popular style.

For homeowners interested in installing a new single-hole faucet, it can be hard to know which of the many options on the market to choose from. Whether it’s time to upgrade an existing single-hole faucet or a new faucet is being installed in tandem with a new sink, the following quick guide will help make the process of picking a faucet simple.

1. Determine Your Bathroom or Kitchen’s Style

Too often, faucets and other fixtures are a second thought. But, while they are small, faucets play a big role in the overall style and design of a kitchen or bathroom space.

For this reason, they should be chosen in conjunction with the rest of the room’s style. Before simply adding a single-hole faucet to one’s cart, spend time determining what style th