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How to choose the perfect toilet

How to choose the perfect toilet


When designing your bathroom, it’s important to focus on the big features, like what type of clawfoot tub to buy or what color tiles to use for the floor. However, you shouldn’t overlook the smaller details as well, like a toilet. Similar to everything else in your bathroom, it should match the overall theme and style of the space. Here are some quick tips to help you choose the right toilet for your bathroom:

Know what style you want
While toilets seem pretty standard, they come in different styles, allowing them to blend seamlessly with your current bathroom decor. You can choose the two-piece toilet where the tank sits on top of the bowl. Another option is a one-piece toilet, which is a more modern choice. The bowl and tank are integrated and have no seam, which makes the toilet much easier to clean. If your bathroom is small, you may